No Excuses

11 January 2011

This is the time for no excuses. Over the past few months, in the infancy of my little blog’s brief splotch on the web, I have found every excuse in the world to not invest the time into quality posting. The world around me became and ever present tool to pull and drag me away from writing. Work for a client needed that extra hour of shine put into it. A website could use just a little more optimizing. The dishes just had to be washed that very instant. Oh look, laundry! Dirty socks are the absolute priority! The most menial tasks became mountains obstructing me from investing time into what I feel should be one of my greatest enterprises. This year, I look to change that. Not with empty promises and hastily scribbled down resolutions on a bar napkin, but with a system to illicit real change. (more…)

Creative Consumption: Sebastian Lester

1 December 2010

The Expressive Typography of Sebastian Lester

The passages had lead us around for three days. We had the sneaking suspicion that we had been going in circles and supplies had fallen to all new low. Rupert, our bearded cartographer with a limp, was convinced that this was the path that we would truly get the big picture if we just stayed in for a while longer. Persevere, he said! Madness, I called it. It was not until we reached an impasse, a great cliff that overlooked the corridors of the great typographic monument that we been trekking through and it all became crystal clear. We had been inside one of Sebastian Lester’s posters the entire time… (more…)

L5: Marketing Explosions and the God Damn Batman

20 November 2010

Image by Tomer Hanuka

Why the Democrats Failed at Marketing This Past Election by Bob Garfield on AdAge

Where have all the comments gone? By Robert Bowen @ Smashing Magazine

David Airey tells DJ Rusko’s promotional crew about an exciting new offer! A must read for graphic designers.

Dr. McGurgles Miracle Elixir Packaging on The Dieline. You gotta respect student created work, it might be entirely impractical, but it will damn sure look great… sometimes…

@God_Damn_Batman on Twitter. Humor with ZAM!, POW! and a broken nose!

Official trailer for Battle: Los Angeles. It’s one part District 9, one part Independence Day mixed in with some Black Hawk Down. End result? Realism and sci-fi synergy.

And for your NOMs for the week:

Banana crumb muffins with chocolate. Indulgent. Delicious. Diabetic coma.
Have a safe weekend, everyone!  Be back on Monday with more goodies.

Creative Consumption: The Museum of Unnatural History, 826DC

16 November 2010

The Illustrious Museum of Unnatural History in D.C.

Very rarely do I squee when I come upon design elements, but is one of the few cases where a good squee is more than necessary. The Museum of Unnatural History in Washington D.C. is a bounty of fresh design work that encompasses everything from posters to packaging to window placements, all in one neat, consistent package. If you have a penchant for repurposing common place objects or have a special taste for unicorn tears, then this might be the museum for you.

The bounty begins after the cut!


Logo Trends to Avoid

14 November 2010

Before we get started on this journey through trending, I would like to note for the sake of tranquility that no actual logos were hurt in the making of this article and no bridges were meant to be burnt. If your logo falls into one of these categories, kudos to you. I am sure you beat the bandwagon and solidly use each concept below to its fullest potential. If not, for shame! Shame!!!

The party begins after the cut. (more…)

Creative Consumption: Jaime Ibarra Photography

9 November 2010

The Magnificent Photography of Jaime Ibarra

It’s the texture the draws you in. Subtle cracks and the jagged edges of weathered paint, rough against your hands, perfectly framing smooth, ethereal fabric. The richness of warm skin draws you out of the mellow haze of desaturated color and defines the paradigm in front of you as a rich world with intense visual sensation. This is the majesty of Jaime Ibarra’s photography.

More after the cut, some Not Safe For Work (NSFW). (more…)

L5: Dead Drops, Not Just for Spies Anymore

5 November 2010

Image courtesy of Geeks are Sexy

Another week, another dollar! will be back on Monday with potentially insightful article for all you designers out there. Stay strong, safe flying and have a great weekend everyone!

Dead Drops is anonymous, offline, peer-to-peer file sharing via USB sticks embedded in walls. Sharing viruses would corrupt the project, but would be such trolling fun!

Food coloring in ice cubes to put a timeline on your drink before a saturation explosion! Via Alcademics

TypeStar is a kinetic typography engine that allows you to render songs or other text in a variety of cool animations. Basically, a karaoke machine on crack.

Espolon Tequila brings us some simple, but brilliant jugs featuring Dia de los Muertos visuals supplemented by a subtle jagged label. I don’t drink tequila, but I might let that slide for one of these.

Blue Vertigo indexes countless amounts of designer resources from stock photos to typefaces to vector clip art to even Poser actions. A handy site if you want to avoid Google results.

Color Scheme Generator brings sloth back into the color selection process by making it super easy to pick monochromatic color schemes and generate the web ready colors in seconds. Worth a look!

And for your sweet treat for the week:

Red Velvet Whoopie Pies for the not-so-seasoned baker like myself. The absolute best combination of flavours.

Much love,

Design Distraction: Debbie Perez, Massage Therapist

3 November 2010

As someone who loves visual identities, I enjoy the time and effort that must be taken to custom tailor an entire design scheme around a single client and their individual needs. Unfortunately, sometimes this full effort is unnecessary and sometimes impractical for a client’s needs. In this case, I was approached by a local masseuse who only needed business cards for her personal massage business.

Without the need for further print or web materials, Ms. Perez and I settled on a warm, comforting color scheme that accented a simple, elegant wordmark. The back of the business card features an organic, floral texture for easy recognition and is designed to present in further works should they be necessary. Close-up images after the cut.


L5: Links to Defenestrate To

29 October 2010

Source: The Defenestration of Prague

L5 is back with a plethora of links that will make you want to throw a friend out the window in pure joy!

Have a safe, happy Halloween everyone and we will see you on Monday with pics of the makeshift TeamFortress costume that the Mrs. and I will be wearing!

An absolutely awesome article from Speider Schneider at Smashing Magazine about taking initiative and getting things done, excuse free. Read it and take some intiative!

Steve Zelle reminds us why a designer’s expertise trumps logo warehouses and crowd sourcing in a special guest article over at Logo Design Love

340 is a year-long project by artist and designer Allison Connell where she wrote, doodled, collaged and otherwise gave birth to ideas on what she eventually bound into 12 individual books. It is all viewable on her dedicated web site and is really going to make you want to commit to a similar project!

The Sprocket-Rocket is an analogue photographer’s dreamland. Designed for super-wide panoramic shots, this camera looks like gives a wide array of amazing shots with a Holga-esque feel. Check it out here and…. THIS THE TIME ON SPROCKETS WHERE WE DANCE!

Tasteologie, NotCot’s new food feature page gives us a Halloween Round-up of sweet treats and tapas right in time for your cheesy Halloween party. I think I might make the Ghost Meringues!

Legendary amp brand Marshall is putting out their own headphone line this month and damn.. forget the product that you know is going to be amazing. It’s all about their sustainable cardboard packaging that makes me drool!

The NestRest by contemporary furniture house Dedon is a cozy, hanging sanctuary that promises to bring you tranquility. Note the advertising, may be best placed hanging precariously near high tide or near ostriches.

And a bit nerd-dom for the Battlestar fans out there. Caprica is back on! Check it out on Hulu!

Creative Consumption: Fabien Barral

26 October 2010

The Creative Vision of Fabien Barral

How many of you view the illustrious graphic design archives at While a bastion of inspiration for a lot of us, I think a lot of us do not know the owner or his work despite his personal blog posts which get lost in a sea of solid photography. The man responsible for this grand collection is none other than Fabien Barral and if you love texture, his work will blow your mind. (more…)

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