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Creative Consumption: Fabien Barral

26 October 2010

The Creative Vision of Fabien Barral

How many of you view the illustrious graphic design archives at Graphic-Exchange.com? While a bastion of inspiration for a lot of us, I think a lot of us do not know the owner or his work despite his personal blog posts which get lost in a sea of solid photography. The man responsible for this grand collection is none other than Fabien Barral and if you love texture, his work will blow your mind.

Fabien is a wonderful designer based out of Auvergne, France where he admittedly lives a very pleasant existence with his wife and daughter. His biographical information may be in the lacking, but when perusing his blog posts, you get a much better understanding of the type of the graphic designer than Fabien is. He is not one to stagnate and stay indoors all day, hoping for the next big idea via osmosis. Fabien makes a variety of posts on his travels across the world, delving into conferences and cultures that only serve to add more floors to the tower that is his creative vision.

To best identify Fabien’s work, one can looks for the lush microcosms that he creates for different clients. You will often find incredible explorations of texture and silhouettes of a variety of imagery all working in harmony to create a specific feel for a client. Splashes of color and ink explode off his mediums in a thoughtful way and not polluting the mind with memories of the grunge movement of the past decade (and unfortunately now if you can believe people still wear Affliction’s tee-shirts).

One of my favorite techniques that I have witnessed in Fabien’s pieces is his typographic exploration of integrating texture and shape into entirely new typefaces. Even though the works were originally modeled after bold, gothic sans-serifs, they still develop into fresh imagery that is nothing short of eye candy. Check out his work for Backyard vineyards and the subsequent poster from a series on design.

Fabien’s work continues to inspire and I look forward to seeing plenty more in the future, even if it might be hard to find amidst all the greatness he finds. You can view his personal website here and be sure to RSS feed Graphic Exchange for a near endless vault of ideas and development.

Have a great Tuesday, everyone!


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