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L5: Links to Defenestrate To

29 October 2010

Source: The Defenestration of Prague

L5 is back with a plethora of links that will make you want to throw a friend out the window in pure joy!

Have a safe, happy Halloween everyone and we will see you on Monday with pics of the makeshift TeamFortress costume that the Mrs. and I will be wearing!

An absolutely awesome article from Speider Schneider at Smashing Magazine about taking initiative and getting things done, excuse free. Read it and take some intiative!

Steve Zelle reminds us why a designer’s expertise trumps logo warehouses and crowd sourcing in a special guest article over at Logo Design Love

340 is a year-long project by artist and designer Allison Connell where she wrote, doodled, collaged and otherwise gave birth to ideas on what she eventually bound into 12 individual books. It is all viewable on her dedicated web site and is really going to make you want to commit to a similar project!

The Sprocket-Rocket is an analogue photographer’s dreamland. Designed for super-wide panoramic shots, this camera looks like gives a wide array of amazing shots with a Holga-esque feel. Check it out here and…. THIS THE TIME ON SPROCKETS WHERE WE DANCE!

Tasteologie, NotCot’s new food feature page gives us a Halloween Round-up of sweet treats and tapas right in time for your cheesy Halloween party. I think I might make the Ghost Meringues!

Legendary amp brand Marshall is putting out their own headphone line this month and damn.. forget the product that you know is going to be amazing. It’s all about their sustainable cardboard packaging that makes me drool!

The NestRest by contemporary furniture house Dedon is a cozy, hanging sanctuary that promises to bring you tranquility. Note the advertising, may be best placed hanging precariously near high tide or near ostriches.

And a bit nerd-dom for the Battlestar fans out there. Caprica is back on! Check it out on Hulu!


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