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L5: Dead Drops, Not Just for Spies Anymore

5 November 2010

Image courtesy of Geeks are Sexy

Another week, another dollar! Arcko.net will be back on Monday with potentially insightful article for all you designers out there. Stay strong, safe flying and have a great weekend everyone!

Dead Drops is anonymous, offline, peer-to-peer file sharing via USB sticks embedded in walls. Sharing viruses would corrupt the project, but would be such trolling fun!

Food coloring in ice cubes to put a timeline on your drink before a saturation explosion! Via Alcademics

TypeStar is a kinetic typography engine that allows you to render songs or other text in a variety of cool animations. Basically, a karaoke machine on crack.

Espolon Tequila brings us some simple, but brilliant jugs featuring Dia de los Muertos visuals supplemented by a subtle jagged label. I don’t drink tequila, but I might let that slide for one of these.

Blue Vertigo indexes countless amounts of designer resources from stock photos to typefaces to vector clip art to even Poser actions. A handy site if you want to avoid Google results.

Color Scheme Generator brings sloth back into the color selection process by making it super easy to pick monochromatic color schemes and generate the web ready colors in seconds. Worth a look!

And for your sweet treat for the week:

Red Velvet Whoopie Pies for the not-so-seasoned baker like myself. The absolute best combination of flavours.

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