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Creative Consumption: Sebastian Lester

1 December 2010

The Expressive Typography of Sebastian Lester

The passages had lead us around for three days. We had the sneaking suspicion that we had been going in circles and supplies had fallen to all new low. Rupert, our bearded cartographer with a limp, was convinced that this was the path that we would truly get the big picture if we just stayed in for a while longer. Persevere, he said! Madness, I called it. It was not until we reached an impasse, a great cliff that overlooked the corridors of the great typographic monument that we been trekking through and it all became crystal clear. We had been inside one of Sebastian Lester’s posters the entire time…

London-based Sebastian Lester is purveyor of a variety of typographic treatments from the looped and curvy to historical homages to Gothic, sans-serifs. He has been featured in countless publications and worked for quite the high number of high-value companies and corporations, as his bio page is not at all shy to brag about. But, hey, when you are this good, who needs modesty?

It takes a certain kind of brain to produce really expressive typography. A brain that straddles the line between creativity and order to properly create type that is both pleasant to look at and obeys its own rules. Vibrant, yet controlled. Explosive, yet restrained. Out of this world, but proper. A tall order to fill, but one that Mr. Lester tackles head on.

Particularly lovely I find is the posting of some of his conceptual drawings that show a sprinkling of the places Mr. Lester’s mind wound up going when assigned a project. Such as his sketches for LoveSpell, one of the countless, intoxicating fragrances put out by Victoria’s Secret. Note all the options that he presented in the sketches below, but pay note to the little details, like the curve of the ‘V’ form or the inclination of the ‘L’s. It is those little touches that turn good type into amazing type.

Here is a few more by Lester.

I am going to keep one ear to the ground and one eye on the sky for the next great Sebastian Lester piece. Do not be surprised the next time you look through ffffound and stumble across one of his works. They serve as inspiration to all. Check out his site now and get lost, I know you’ll love it.

Much love,

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