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No Excuses

11 January 2011

This is the time for no excuses. Over the past few months, in the infancy of my little blog’s brief splotch on the web, I have found every excuse in the world to not invest the time into quality posting. The world around me became and ever present tool to pull and drag me away from writing. Work for a client needed that extra hour of shine put into it. A website could use just a little more optimizing. The dishes just had to be washed that very instant. Oh look, laundry! Dirty socks are the absolute priority! The most menial tasks became mountains obstructing me from investing time into what I feel should be one of my greatest enterprises. This year, I look to change that. Not with empty promises and hastily scribbled down resolutions on a bar napkin, but with a system to illicit real change.

I have a minor hobby reading into other people’s systems and their miracle books or articles that either openly promise to change one’s habits or if not, hope that maybe a bit of their concentration and fervor will rub off on my positively. Over the years, I think I made the mistake in thinking that a plan is a plan and if one system works for one person then clearly it must work for the entirety of mankind. I never stopped for a moment and thought logically about the countless ways that individuals are different.

From way we process speech to the way we see color to the delay in figuring out what to order a restaurant, the way we process information is unique to the individual. In this spirit, a system of order must be created specifically for me that takes into account all the little eccentricities and facets of my brain. In my case, I have an exceptional talent for self-deception. I deceive myself into thinking that as long as I am being productive doing other tasks, such as laundry or design, then it makes a great excuse. My mind uses other productivity to rationalize the lack of productivity in other areas. A very clever system that has impeded me on so many levels, but simple knowledge of this deception gives me the power to illicit change. I can identify the behavior and put a stop to it right on the spot. Bam! Just like that, I can begin the development of a system that helps me identify my needs and execute the steps necessary to make it effective. Heck, while writing this article alone, I think I had to slap my wrist about four times. Smells like progress to me.

If you were hoping this article would contain a ten-step plan to success or five tips to stop procrastination then I am sincerely sorry. I am more than happy to link you to a ton of those. All you will find here is one little lesson to be learned. Nosce te ipsum. Know thyself. I don’t want to get pretentious with the Latin, but it is especially relevant here. You must know your mind if you hope find the illusive order that a lot of us are looking for. Find out what tugs your mind away from really needs to be done, find out how you deceive yourself and you will find a system that works for you.

No excuses.


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